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Tatiana Shchelkanogova

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Tatiana Shchelkanogova on December 19, 2016

Datapath.io and DE-CIX set up peering agreement

We're glad to announce our partnership with DE-CIX, data center-neutral internet exchange company which is located in ...

Tatiana Shchelkanogova on November 22, 2016

How Smartphone-Bank N26 uses Datapath.io for fast and secure connection

Case Study Summary Datapath.io made a high-speed and secure connection between users, Amazon Web Services, and data ...

Tatiana Shchelkanogova on November 15, 2016

New console is ready! Try it now

Great news! We launched completely new console for traffic optimization. The main characteristics of this Datapath.io ...

Tatiana Shchelkanogova on November 14, 2016

Datapath.io optimizes routes for N26

Datapath.io is proud to announce a partnership with N26. N26 is Europe's most modern bank which allows accessing and ...

Tatiana Shchelkanogova on November 09, 2016

How Datapath.io maximizes availability for adjust with Anycast

Case Study Summary Datapath.io Anycast is the best solution for mobile app tracking platform adjust. Datapath.io ...

Tatiana Shchelkanogova on September 26, 2016

Get your free ticket to Cloud Expo Europe Frankfurt 2016!

It`s time for a new successful conference....

Tatiana Shchelkanogova on September 20, 2016

How Cynapsis improved response time on AWS by 40% with Datapath.io

Case Study Summary cynapsis interactive GmbH uses Datapath.io solutions to reduce the response time on AWS, gaining ...

Tatiana Shchelkanogova on September 07, 2016

The History of AdTech

From the simplest first web banner to personalized digital ads....