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Datapath.io is Live in AWS Marketplace

by Logan Rivenes on November 16, 2016
Logan Rivenes
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Datapath.io is Live in AWS Marketplace

Datapath.io is ecstatic to announce that we are live in AWS Marketplace. As of today Datapath.io is among the first partners, worldwide, to support the new SaaS Subscription capabilities in AWS Marketplace.

This comes as the result of a new cooperation with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Datapath.io is a selected partner for the launch of the SaaS Subscriptions feature within AWS Marketplace. This feature allows AWS customers to purchase Datapath.io internet performance optimization services directly in AWS Marketplace, and be invoiced through their AWS account.

To celebrate, we are waiving the monthly subscription fee for the first 3 months when you order today.

This announcement is exciting for two reasons:

  1. AWS selected Datapath.io as one of a few companies to be a part of the launch
  2. Datapath.io will now offer AWS customers 1-Click network optimization

AWS Marketplace SaaS Subscriptions

The AWS Marketplace makes it easy to integrate products in your AWS infrastructure. SaaS Subscriptions now allows AWS customers to not only have a single place to select AWS third party integrated solutions, but also to be billed through their AWS account.

 Datapath.io in AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace SaaS Subscriptions simplifies the process of improving your AWS infrastructure. Thus, allowing you to consolidate the billing of the SaaS products you integrate with your AWS Infrastructure. Now, Datapath.io is one of those products.

1-Click Deployment for Network Optimization

The new cooperation with AWS Marketplace now means that Datapath.io provides AWS customers network optimization with 1-Click, and centralized billing.

At Datapath.io we are making the internet faster.

Currently, all your AWS traffic is going to your users over the shortest logical distance. In networking language, the fewest number of AS_Path hops. This may not be the fastest route.

What Datapath.io does is scans the global internet. With this data, we find the lowest network latency routes. Then, through the implementation of our own internet routing protocol, we route your internet traffic over the fastest internet routes.

The result for AWS customers is an improvement of latency for 95% of Internet routes, and an overall reduction of Internet latency upwards of 60%.

With the AWS Marketplace SaaS Subscriptions, and 1-Click optimization, you could improve network performance today.

Simply. Efficiently. Trusted by AWS customers.

To learn more about how Datapath.io can improve your AWS network performance, schedule a demo with us below.

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