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How Smartphone-Bank N26 uses Datapath.io for fast and secure connection

by Tatiana Shchelkanogova on November 22, 2016
Tatiana Shchelkanogova
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How Smartphone-Bank N26 uses Datapath.io for fast and secure connection

Case Study Summary

Datapath.io made a high-speed and secure connection between users, Amazon Web Services, and data center for the modern online bank N26.

The Datapath.io solution, which is based on AWS DirectConnect,

  • significantly improved performance due to bypassing the public internet
  • decreased ping times from 60ms to 21ms
  • created better user experience due to faster transaction times

About N26


N26 has created Europe’s first current account tailored to the needs of the smartphone user and brings an end to old interfaces, tedious account opening procedures, and intransparent fees. N26 brings the bank account into the 21st century and offers a current account that is easily operated from one’s smartphone. At the same time, N26 provides several financial management tools as well as smart statistics. Furthermore, the mobile app and the online banking interface include security features that old banks cannot offer their customers due to their outdated IT systems.


The Challenges

N26 offers the most modern banking services. This requires real time processing of card transactions. To make real time decisions possible N26 was in need of a fast, reliable and fault tolerant connection from Amazon Web Services to a traditional data center. How can this be achieved?

How Datapath.io solution helped

Datapath.io came up with the solution for a reliable, secure and fast connection. N26 started to use it from the very beginning and launched the product with already optimized routes. The MPLS network was created to connect end users, a cloud environment, and MasterCard data center to avoid insecure public internet connection and such problems as internet latency, congestion, packet loss and low bandwidth.


"Datapath.io enabled us to create a high availability MPLS connection from a cloud provider to a partner in a traditional data center. By this we ensure high available and high-speed connectivity to guarantee the best customer experience for our products,”Christian Rebernik, CTO N26.

The Results

Datapath.io helped N26 to create secure VPN connection on top of the link and ensure higher performance due to bypassing the public internet. The customers of N26 profit from a fast stable connection due to the automatic failover from primary to disaster recovery data center. The ping times went down from 60ms to 21ms. Using Datapath.io solution, N26 speeds up transaction time for a great customer service.


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